Jake Downey

Emmy winning-producer Jake Downey grew up in LA thinking he would replace Steve Garvey as first baseman for the Dodgers. After much trouble with curveballs in high school, JD decided on another career track: television news.


After graduating from San Diego State, Jake spent the next six years at small-town stations, where he did just about every job in television. After stints in Nebraska , Wyoming , Texas , and central California , he came home in 1997 to produce/report/narrate/host a weekly high school sports show, which aired in successive years on LA local stations: KCBS, KCAL, and KNBC.


Jake began JDnewsie Productions in 2000, renamed JD Media Group in 2006. With Echostar/Dish TV as its first client, JD began to attract sports entities such as ESPN, Fox Sports, MSG, and the U.S. Army All-American Game, plus multi-faceted clients such as AOL Music, Cal-State Northridge, A3M, Proper Authorities, Westec Interactive, and Exhibit Lighting Group. Starting as a small company serving the needs of corporate behemoths and small operators alike, JD Media Group continues in that style to this day.


With years in television newsrooms, Jake knows what makes good television and can help clients in a variety of ways. Jake can help you construct a media and pr strategy with the innate knowledge of what news decision makers are looking for.


A principal passion of JD Media Group is a documentary 96 years in the making, “Sleeper Cars & Flannel Uniforms, The Elden Auker Story.” For more on Auker and the documentary, click here:

Jake is a member of the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) and NABET (National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians).


Rick Nyburg

Rick is a 20+ year veteran of the Hollywood “shooting wars” and the rare double talent of an award-winning videographer and still photographer. Rick earned an Oscar-nomination in Best Documentary for “ Waco : Rules of Engagement.” With recent work as a cameraman on NBC's “Access Hollywood”, Fox Sports, ABC News, ESPN, and others, Rick is the kind of veteran whose experience means you'll get what you need in any situation. Rick is a member of NABET.

Bob MacColl

Bob MacColl is a talented editor and videographer who joined JD Media Group in 2007.  In his time at JDMG, Bob has shot and edited for such diverse clients such clients as SportsLink, AAU Beach Volleyball, A3M & Proper Authorities.  A native of Northern California, Bob is an enormous San Francisco Giants fan, and plays baseball in adult men’s baseball leagues around the LA area.


Patrick Karayan: Supervising Producer

Patrick Karayan is an Emmy Award-winning producer with a diverse background in television and in business.  A Los Angeles native, Patrick serves as supervising producer at JD Media Group, overseeing endeavors such as ENG and live events.  Patrick has worked for ESPN, CSTV, Golf Channel, ABC News, and Florida’s News Channel.  Patrick is also a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA).


Isaac Koo

Isaac Koo is also an accomplished videographer and non-linear-editor with a varied body of work that makes him equally capable of delivering what you need in any situation. With 15+ years of experience, Isaac began his career as a news photographer for Bay Area tv stations, then migrated south to the center of production, Los Angeles . He worked on commercials, sports, and documentaries for both the U.S. and overseas markets. Isaac's DP and producer clients include Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, Apple Computer, and the Gap. He is a member of ICG (International Cinematographer's Guild) which represents camera professionals in the film and television industries.